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Monday, May 9, 2011

Staying Focused before Entering the Audition Room

Sooo important to get to your audition and do what you came to do...ROCK IT!  Now, as a parent, you witness all sorts of shenanigans in the waiting room:  Stressed out children, mini-reunions, long waits, parents talking LOUDLY of their children's success...It can be a bit much.

As a parent of children who have put time into preparing for an audition, it's important to help keep their personal space calm.  How did I do that today?

1.  I signed her in and immediately stepped out into the hallway with her.

2.  Sang a few bars of Black Eyed Peas new cut Just can't get enough with my daughter....The goal is always to stay loose.

3.  I asked her if she wanted to look over her "story" and we talked about the relationships...THEN she ran the lines once.....

4.  We stepped back into the room when she was on deck......and off into the room she went.

5.  Most Importantly...WE SENT GOOD VIBES to the other girls and moms in the room.  We moms had a good chat, and the three girls in the lobby all realized that they each speak two languages!  Very cool new experience!

Once she came out of the room, I always greet her with a big juicy smile and let her tell me about her experience in the room.  We laugh together at the blunders and high five over a new experience under out belt.

.....ON TO THE  NEXT ONE......

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