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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When do you Need a Manager....?

As a mommy/actor/parent of actors, the topic of hiring managers kept popping up over the years.  I have a couple of simple guidelines that have always helped me answer the question...IS IT TIME FOR A MANAGER?

1.  Am I having a hard time getting in touch/communicating with the agent?
2.  Do I feel that I am not being submitted/sent out on enough castings?
3.  Am I new to this business and feel totally and utterly lost?
4.  Can I afford to give up 5-15% of income above the 10-20% agency fee for manager representation?
5.  Am I in a new niche of auditions, where a manager's connections would be invaluable (film and TV, for example)?

I ask myself these questions, and if I ever am able to answer yes to one of them, I do my best to resolve my concerns.....and if that doesn't work....I would consider interviewing managers.....

Just my humble opinion.

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