Commercial Mommy is how my friends describe me. In fact, it's how I describe myself. A Los Angeles based actress, juggling the every day demands of co-parenting three children, who are also actors. I know that I am not alone in this circus feat! I have been successful in helping my kids create careers, remain accelerated in school and evolve into beautiful human beings. By sharing my journey, strategies and insights.....I hope to be of assistance AND inspiration to all of the other commercial mommies and daddies in the biz!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wowsa! Do not self-judge, as it might just be your best work....

I had a commercial mommy moment yesterday.  Racing around town and converging at 2701 Ocean Park studios, I realized-post family audition, that I didn't feed the boys an afternoon snack...Is that why S just stared at me while we improvised a scene in our callback, only answering with "i dunno"?  Is that why E just kept whining and trying to take the whatever prop I had in my hand?  Geez! These issues would have been easily solved with a granola bar and a kiss....note to self!

p.s. We booked it!

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