Commercial Mommy is how my friends describe me. In fact, it's how I describe myself. A Los Angeles based actress, juggling the every day demands of co-parenting three children, who are also actors. I know that I am not alone in this circus feat! I have been successful in helping my kids create careers, remain accelerated in school and evolve into beautiful human beings. By sharing my journey, strategies and insights.....I hope to be of assistance AND inspiration to all of the other commercial mommies and daddies in the biz!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

One Great big Hug!

So today was a busy day....funny right? Every day is busy over here. Anyway, I was fortunate enough to be chosen to be principal in a KFC commercial for Breast Cancer Awareness! Funny enough, Yara and Sayeed are shooting a Subway commercial today! But, wait Afshin is shooting a spot today too! That means, three heads of hair to do, school work to pack for set, paperwork for production etc. That also meant one nanny took the older kids to their set, and one stayed home with the baby....WHEW! I am mentally fatigued!

So today my line was "For Joanie". KFC is donating $$$ and making their buckets pink to rep Breast Cancer! So Cool! And I got to rep for my bestest homie in the world, Joan B. who stomped on breast cancer when it came knocking on her door! The director, Phil Joanou is AMAZING!! He really is a wonderful guy, who made me feel special, important, worthy, etc. Not only that, every person on his crew was genuinely nice. What a fantastic day, fantastic job, fantastic cause! I felt like Phil was giving me one gigantic hug the entire time I was on set!

Wait a minute, and it's only 1pm! On to the next project....Book keeping, UGH!?!?

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