Commercial Mommy is how my friends describe me. In fact, it's how I describe myself. A Los Angeles based actress, juggling the every day demands of co-parenting three children, who are also actors. I know that I am not alone in this circus feat! I have been successful in helping my kids create careers, remain accelerated in school and evolve into beautiful human beings. By sharing my journey, strategies and insights.....I hope to be of assistance AND inspiration to all of the other commercial mommies and daddies in the biz!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What Happens when success is an uphill marathon?

It's an interesting place that I have found myself, hoping for success not only for myself, but for my children.  Watching my kids commit to learning a character and really digging deep is definitely a part of the "game", regardless of the outcome.  As an adult, I have already gone thru the pros and cons of something "going my way" or not. But how do we manage those emotions when it has to do with our children?  For me, I constantly remind myself and my kids that we can really only continue on this roller coaster for one reason.   THE LOVE OF THE GAME.  At the end of the day, every one of us should assess our accomplishments and "perceived defeats" to make sure we are still following our personal journey.  No matter how young a child is, we can help them start to make sense of their personal journey.  Today I asked my daughter, who has two more scripts to metabolize, if she is still having fun.  No pause..YES...she said.

They have to know that their path may change overnight, and this business may/may not be just a blip on their "lifetime of experience" timeline..... Us parents need to continuously let them know that we will still love them....even if they decide to become a clown in the circus!!