Commercial Mommy is how my friends describe me. In fact, it's how I describe myself. A Los Angeles based actress, juggling the every day demands of co-parenting three children, who are also actors. I know that I am not alone in this circus feat! I have been successful in helping my kids create careers, remain accelerated in school and evolve into beautiful human beings. By sharing my journey, strategies and insights.....I hope to be of assistance AND inspiration to all of the other commercial mommies and daddies in the biz!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Smell Check!

If I took a BIG inhale and listed all of the things I had to do today.....I would faint from lack of oxygen!  WOW, HOW FORTUNATE AM I!!!  I have a great family who inspires me hourly and a career that is constantly new.  I was voicing concern over a commercial I am waiting to see air and Y said, "Mommy, it doesn't matter what happens....we enjoyed the process,  and now we move forward".  REALLY?!?! Eleven!!

I am officially in F.H.M. - Full Hustle Mode, and smiling the whole time!  I am stopping to smell the roses...just got out of class at 11pm tonight, and I am actually gonna shower....and use rose smelling soap.


  1. I want to say congrats to you and your beautiful family. Also did you hear about some fans for the hunger games recommended your daughter for the choice of Rue? If so I really hope your daughter gets a chance to audition for this role.

  2. Thanks for the kind words :-)...we are happy with all of the opportunities that are coming our way .... :-)